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What is the "Easy Chamfer"?

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The EASY CHAMFER TOOL was invented and developed by John Doust who has been in the plumbing trade for over twenty years. The Easy Chamfer Tool will greatly reduce the time and labour it takes to chamfer PVC piping ranging from 90mm to 375mm.

This is a tool that all plumbers will want because the tool gives a precision chamfer every time. The Tool chamfers precisely to the specifications of the manufacturers.


The Easy Chamfer operates from an 18v cordless drill or electric drill or could be fitted with its own cordless or electric motor.

Demonstrations of the Tool to various Trade Experts including Local Suppliers of Plumbing Products, Civil Contractors and Local Government Departments have all expressed very positive responses and strong interest.

Inquiries are being received from many countries with big interest.




Easy Chamfer was designed and developed by John Doust (Patent pending).
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